T-Mobile starts testing its wireless home internet service


By now most people should have internet in their homes, but if you happen to live in a more rural part of the US where your options are limited, this is something T-Mobile wants to address. The carrier has recently announced that they have started to roll out the pilot program for their wireless home internet service.

What makes T-Mobile’s home internet service different from what other internet service providers offer is that it will rely on the company’s 4G LTE network. As we said, this will be aimed more at users who live in rural parts of the country where they might not have as many options when it comes to internet services. According to T-Mobile:

“Almost half of American households have no competitive choice for high-speed in-home broadband with speeds of 100 Mbps, and in rural areas, more than three quarters have no high-speed broadband service or only one option available. And when there’s no choice, customers suffer.”

T-Mobile’s internet service will provide speeds of around 50Mbps over LTE which isn’t exactly blazing fast, but it is still better than having no or a spotty internet connection. This is also expected to act as a precursor to the company’s plans to eventually roll out 5G home internet where it will double the current speeds, but until they do roll out their 5G network, this will have to suffice.

That being said, T-Mobile’s home internet service will be quite limited at the start and will be invite-only. The goal is to cover around 50,000 households by the end of the year, although the carrier is aiming to cover more than half the US zip codes in the next five years.

Source: T-Mobile

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