Mar 18th, 2019

Huawei has had a long-standing relationship with BOE, a Chinese display manufacturer that has provided display panels to the company. BOE has been working hard to challenge Samsung, including building some great AMOLED displays and even building enough capacity to become an Apple supplier. And it’s no secret that devices like the Mate 20 Pro have fantastic displays (despite manufacturing hiccups here and there).

So it’s a big shock that a rumor is claiming that Samsung will be the exclusive display supplier for both the Huawei P30 and P30 Pro. There’s no way to confirm that this rumor is true, but it would be an odd step on Huawei’s part to forego BOE and instead use a big, foreign competitor in the smartphone game. It might be quality issues, or it might be a temporary agreement.

We’ll have to see if Huawei really does get a deal penned up with Samsung for its displays, and hopefully, we’ll get some details on why the company skipped on BOE this time around. Either way, we expect the P30 to come with a pretty bomb display despite the rumors of a measly 1080p.

Source: Mydrivers
Via:  PocketNow

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