Steam Link Anywhere lets gamers stream their games onto their Android devices


One of the main bottlenecks when it comes to offering a uniform gaming experience is the fact that all our devices have different types of hardware. This means that when it comes to developing games for multiple platforms, it can be a bit tricky trying to offer up the same experience but on different hardware.

This is one of the selling points of game streaming which is that through a dedicated server, all the heavy-duty processing will be done remotely and all gamers need to do is stream the end results. For those who are proponents of game streaming, you might be interested to learn that Valve has recently announced Steam Link Anywhere which will allow gamers to stream games from their computers to their mobile devices.

If this sounds familiar, it is because it is based on the Steam Link app that Valve launched back in 2018. The downside to the initial launch of Steam Link is that it was limited to within the confines of your home, but with Steam Link Anywhere, you could be in a different part of the world but still be able to stream games from your computer to your Android handset.

“Steam Link Anywhere allows you to stream games to your Steam Link from any computer running Steam, as long as your computer has good upload speed and your Steam Link device has a good network connection.”

Valve notes that Steam Link Anywhere is still in the beta testing phase which means that don’t expect it to be perfect out of the box, but if you are interested you can give it a try. In the meantime, Microsoft has also recently shown off its xCloud game streaming service, while Google is also expected to share additional details about Project Stream at GDC 2019 which takes place next week.

Source: Steam

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