Mar 12th, 2019

SquareTrade tends to do drop tests on popular smartphones to gauge how durable they are. And with the release of the Samsung Galaxy S10 family, it’s the perfect time to do the test.

The tests consisted of a “DropBot” dropping each of the three devices face down and face up from six feet up. That’s a bit on the high side for an average drop, explaining the poor results. Plus only one of each device seems to have been used, which could easily skew results. However, the results was that the S10e shattered and failed entirely with the screen turning off and the camera lens breaking, while the S10+ survived but had loose glass, making it dangerous to use. The standard S10 did the best out of the three, shattering but still functioning.

With such a small sample size, it’s honestly a bit hard to fully trust the results on which of the three devices did best. However, we do know that an all-glass design is bound to shatter when dropped. This is made worse by Samsung’s use of an aluminum frame, which dents and can impact the edge of the glass, instantly shattering it. A stronger material like Apple’s stainless steel or Essential’s titanium could be helpful here.

The moral of the story is use a case or be careful, because glass is fragile and we should know that by now.

Source: SquareTrade
Via: SamMobile