Mar 3rd, 2019

Many new devices with high end displays have HDR10 support for Netflix. This doesn’t even just apply to flagships, as budget devices like the Honor 10 are on the supported list. HDR gives you better contrast, better colors, and a much better viewing experience thanks to the capabilities of these fancy displays.

There was no doubt that the Samsung Galaxy S10 trio would be on the list, as their predecessors are on the list as well as other Samsung phones and tablets. So it comes as no surprise that Netflix has added the devices to the list before they have even launched.

To get the benefits of HDR10, you’ll need the latest version of the Netflix app, a strong connection of at least 25 mbit, streaming quality set to high in your account, and a four screen Netflix plan with 4K and HDR support. Yes, you’ll have to pay for a better plan to get to see 4K and HDR. If you meet all the requirements, you’ll be able to start watching Netflix at its best once you receive your Galaxy S10!

Source: Netflix