Whoops! Samsung Galaxy S10 hands-on video published early


The title for the most leaked device has to go to the Galaxy S10, with various renders, spec leaks, case leaks, images, and now an early hands-on video all surfacing before the device is even released.

TechRadar clearly got early access to the device and shot a hands-on video, which would be embargoed until February 20. That video has managed to find its way onto YouTube early before being taken down, but the internet never forgets. The video appears to be shot inside a Samsung campus or at least one of the flagship stores and provides a hands-on look at the Galaxy S10 and S10+. The video appears to have been cut from a longer version as there are clearly parts missing and it ends abruptly.

What the video does show is a very good insight into the size difference between the two devices as well as the color variants. The triple camera also features in the video, but only the ultra-wide picture mode is shown off. Also making an appearance are the Galaxy Buds, which also demonstrates the reverse wireless charging of the S10 and S10+ by placing the case on the rear of the phone. The Ultrasonic fingerprint sensor can also be observed but initial impressions left it not looking any quicker than that found on the OnePlus 6T, for example.

Whether this is a controlled leak by Samsung to build some hype, or someone has hit publish on a scheduled video a bit too soon, the video gives a taste of what Samsung has in store at Unpacked and I cannot wait to see more of the S10 and S10+.


Via: 9to5Google

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