OPPO F11 Pro teaser confirms the notch is dead, reveals full-screen display, popup camera


The notch design isn’t a permanent solution as we’re sure that eventually, companies will figure out a way to hide the front-facing cameras and sensors underneath the display. Until that happens, it seems that we can expect to see companies starting to get creative with how they go about side-stepping that design faux pas.

OPPO has in the past released smartphones that have done away with the notch by utilizing a pop-up camera, and that tradition continues to persist in the company’s upcoming OPPO F11 Pro, or at least that’s what they are teasing on Twitter. The company is boasting that their upcoming smartphone will feature what they’re calling a “panoramic screen”, and a YouTube video showing the ad for the phone also confirms that the phone will be featuring a popup camera as well.

The end result is a screen that stretches nearly to the edge of the smartphone and because it does not have a notch, there is no awkward break in the middle of the display. This results in a very sleek-looking handset. That being said, not everyone hates the notch, with some claiming that it doesn’t really get in the way and that eventually, users will learn to just ignore it.

This has not stopped companies from exploring various ways around it, such as Samsung who has decided to go with a hole-in display for their upcoming Galaxy S10 handsets. The company has also explored the idea of possibly hiding the camera in the S Pen stylus, thus eliminating the notch, a hole-in display, and a popup camera entirely.

In any case more details about OPPO’s upcoming smartphone should be revealed at MWC 2019 in the coming weeks, so do check back with us then for the details.

Source: Twitter

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