Feb 14th, 2019

LG has wasted no time in showing off features of the LG G8 ThinQ. The device was officially “announced” months ago, with specs and details being given out over time without spoiling the entire device. It’s almost like controlled leaking, except the info is coming directly from LG.

The latest announcement is a feature that LG calls Crystal Sound OLED, or CSO. The company uses an exciter to utilize the entire OLED panel as a diaphragm, turning it into a speaker. This, paired with a traditional speaker on the bottom providing the lows, gives the device “impressive volume” and clarity.

While this seems a bit farfetched and gimmicky, we’re giving LG the benefit of the doubt because the company knows audio. Previous devices have featured the HiFi quad DAC, giving users some of the best headphone audio coming out of any smartphone, and the Boombox speaker, which uses internal space as a resonance chamber to boost performance.

The feature will be touched more upon at Mobile World Congress 2019 but for now it’s great to see what LG is doing for its next flagship. It’s hard to tell whether this slow release of features will build hype or wear people out on the device, but we hope LG succeeds and provides some more competition to the market.

Source: LG Newsroom

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