Reserve your Galaxy S10 or S10+ now to score big savings


If you are in the market for a Galaxy S10 or S10+ when Samsung unveils the devices on February 20 at its Unpacked event, then you can save a fair chunk of money by acting now.

Samsung is letting customers who want to buy the device before it is officially released pre-order it now. That would usually seem a risky proposition, buying a device before you’ve had a chance to see it shown off, but given we pretty much know all the details of the S10, it’s a safe bet people know what they’re buying. The tagline on the reservation page simply reads “We know you know what is coming soon,” which shows the company embraces and appreciates the S10 has leaked like crazy.

The reservation process allows early consumers wishing to secure their handset to benefit from a $50 discount on the Galaxy S10 and S10+. In addition to this credit, you can also trade in your old phone for an additional discount of up to $550. You’ll need to be sending in a device such as the iPhone X, iPhone XS, Note 9, S9, S9+, or Pixel 3 to get that kind of discount. Trade in a Pixel 2 or S8 and the discount drops to $300, with the Note 5 and earlier Galaxy devices such as the S6 or S7 worth $150.

The full list of eligible trade-in devices can be found on the Samsung site, where you can also reserve your new Galaxy S10 or S10+. Pre-ordering your device early will see you get it by March 8, which historically means you’ll receive it a few days before general release. Not all variants are included in the deal, so if you want to get hold of a possible folding device that may or may not launch alongside the S10, you’ll have to wait until after February 20.

Source: Samsung Via: Android Police

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