Feb 11th, 2019 publishUpdated   Sep 11th, 2021, 9:26 am

The smartphone world doesn’t have enough color. A few years ago, most phones were either black or white (or gold, but gold barely counts as something interesting). However, many smaller manufacturers started pushing interesting colors, and slowly even creating gorgeous and wild color combos and color shifts. And this has made the smartphone world so much more interesting.

It looks like Samsung may be continuing this trend, as a render of the lower end Galaxy S10e has leaked in a striking color called Canary Yellow. Not only is it bright and in your face, it’s actually quite good looking. It’s not everyone’s thing but hopefully Samsung will be offering a wide variety of colors.

We don’t know if the standard Galaxy S10 or the top of the line Galaxy S10+ will have wild color options like this, or if Samsung will pull an Apple and relegate the colors to the budget model. It would be disappointing if the latter were true, as the lack of any colors or variety in flagships like the iPhone XS is frustrating.

We only have a week and a half wait to find out what Samsung has in store for us, so keep an eye out for the February 20th coverage of Samsung Unpacked!

Source: MySmartPrice

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