Feb 4th, 2019

Samsung tends to test features on mid-range devices before bringing them to flagships. It’s a bit backwards, but it allows the technology to be more mature for the high-end stuff. The company did this with the hole-punch display coming to the Galaxy A8s first, and the same might happen for a pop-up front facing camera.

Leaker @UniverseIce has stated that the upcoming Galaxy A90 will have a pop-up camera as a way to get a true full-screen display. Whether this is a slider mechanism or a motorized pop-up camera is unknown, but the latter seems more likely.

The Galaxy A90 won’t be the first phone with a motorized front-facing camera, as Vivo did this with the Nex S (where a small front-facing camera slid out of the top) and Oppo did this with the Find X (where the entire top of the device would slide out with the front and rear camera setup). Nonetheless, it’s one way to be rid of the notch and it seems Samsung is willing to go through great lengths to do exactly this.

We’ll have to wait for official word on the Galaxy A90, but the motorized front-facing camera could be a solid selling point. Reliability of the motor is a concern, but it’s likely to last for ages. However, the lack of water resistance on the current devices with this tech is more of a problem. Would you sacrifice water resistance for a true full-screen display with no notch or hole punch? Leave a comment!

Source: @UniverseIce Via: SamMobile

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