Risky mod boosts Pixel 3’s wireless charging speed


An issue with wired charging is that because the cable is attached to your phone, it’s not as convenient compared to wireless charging where you can pick it up and put it back down easily, no cables attached. It also does away with concerns of cables fraying and exposing the wires, which in the past we’ve heard stories of how this has led to electrocution.

This does not mean that wireless charging is better because wireless charging has been known to be slow, but thanks to XDA Senior Member k0rner, it seems that they have found a way to modify their Pixel 3 handsets where it can now charge faster. The max charging offered by the Pixel 3 if used with the Pixel Stand is at 10W, but the mod will actually change the charging current and bring it up to 1.290mA.

While this mod sounds promising, there is some risk involved, such as overheating. There is a reason why these faster charging speeds weren’t offered in the first place, where presumably Google had tested out various speeds and found a good balance between speed and power output while maintaining safe levels.

We’re not sure if using this mod is such a good idea, especially when it comes to batteries, as we have seen with the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. If you are interested and don’t mind taking a risk with your Pixel 3 handset, then the detailed instructions on how to use this mod can be found on the XDA forums.

Source: XDA Developers

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