Jan 11th, 2019

Just like smartphones and computers, if you have the money, you can afford the higher-end products which usually come with better hardware specifications and nifty new hi-tech features. Since we all prioritize our spending differently, sometimes we simply have to buy within our means.

Unfortunately for some Android TV owners, buying within their means can result in a less than stellar experience which is something that Google has acknowledged and is hoping to address. Speaking to Cord Cutter News, Google’s Senior Director of Product Management for Android TV Shalini Govil-Pai revealed that the company is working to create a set of minimum hardware requirements for Android TV devices.

Govil-Pai does not mention what those minimum hardware requirements will be so we don’t know what they are yet. However, we can only imagine that this goal is to ensure that when it comes to Android TV devices, even the low-end ones will be able to run apps and services at a certain level that Google might deem to be acceptable.

He has also made it very clear that Google does not plan to abandon the lower-end market, but rather wants to elevate Android TV devices so that even low-end models will perform at better levels. Given that Google already has minimum hardware requirements in place for Android phones, we can’t say we’re surprised that Google wants to do the same for Android TVs as well.

There was no mention of when these standards will be launched or when they are expected to come into effect, but hopefully it won’t take too long.

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