Samsung might have leaked the Galaxy S10’s design


Samsung has confirmed that the Galaxy S10 will be officially announced on the 20th of February. This is a clever choice of date as it is a week ahead of MWC 2019, which means that many will be talking about the phone then which could help Samsung cast a shadow over its competitors.

Now thanks to a post on Reddit by u/qgtx, it seems that Samsung themselves might have accidentally leaked the design of the upcoming phone. According to the post, it seems that Samsung might have shown off the Galaxy S10’s design in an article about the One UI. The image below shows the original image where the phone on the left, which has been darkened, clearly shows a cut out hole in the right portion of the screen which lines up with the leaks that we’ve been seeing.

It also lines up with the design of the Samsung Galaxy A8s so we know that this is a design that Samsung has used in the past. It seems that Samsung has since updated its article and changed the image where it now shows a rectangular image in black where the phone was supposed to be. They have also edited the phone on the right where it seems that the updated image shows a device with slightly thicker bezels (you can see the comparison here).

Is this the Samsung Galaxy S10 or could it be another device? Many seem to speculate that it could be, otherwise, why would Samsung bother updating the article and replacing the images, right? Either way, we’re still over a month away from the official announcement, so we’ll just have to wait and find out.

Source: SamMobile

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