LG and Google are trying to make the most immersive VR displays ever


Google has been pushing smartphone-based VR harder than anyone. The company has long been content with letting hardware manufacturers do the heavy lifting for providing the muscle while Google provides the brains with platforms like Cardboard and Daydream.

But they could be looking to get even more involved in the full dance, with the company working with LG’s display arm to introduce a display that’s, for lack of better definitions, freakin’ nuts.

What we’re said to be getting at some point is a 4.3-inch display with a PPI of 1,443. It also will have a refresh rate of 120hz, perfect for VR immersion.

At that sort of pixel density, the goal is to get up close to the content without any chance of seeing individual pixels that can break your immersion. It’s nigh impossible to see individual pixels from standard viewing distances, even on the Quad HD displays of today, but a VR display right up on your eyes, so more pixels are required for the desired effect.

The only question now is how far away we are from seeing its arrival. It’s not enough for the tech to exist. It has to be matured, and costs have to make sense for both the manufacturers’ and the consumers’ sake before it can head to mass production.

And then there’s stuff outside of their control, like the type of graphics power you’ll need to drive such high-resolution VR experiences on not one, but two of these displays simultaneously. I don’t know if we’re there yet, but it feels like we may be able to see the next generation of VR within the next few years if things keep moving along the way they have.

Source: SID

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