Philips Hue’s new outdoor lineup arrives this summer


Philips has quickly become a trusted name for anyone looking to purchase convenient smart light bulbs for their home. With so many products available ranging from lightbulbs, LED strips, to accent lighting, they’re now moving to the next frontier of your home: the yard.

Philips’ smart lighting lineup will soon welcome an all new outdoor line, coming this summer in the US and Europe. Philips Hue Lily ($279.99) is a spotlight system that includes three light points/accessories and is used to highlight your garden, while Philips Hue Calla (starting at $129.99 for the base unit pack) is for path lighting. There’s also Lucca, Tuar, Turaco, and Ludere that match your home’s decor and start at $49.99.

The new outdoor lights work with Philips’ existing system via the Hue bridge and can be activated remotely using the Hue app. There’s even a handy location awareness feature that automatically turns the lights on indoors/outdoors when you arrive home.

Phillips is hosting a press conference about their new outdoor lineup on Monday March 19th, so we’re sure to learn more details about the products then. Since they don’t come cheap, you may want to start saving up now if you’re hoping to fully automate your home’s lighting with Philips gear.

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