Essential Phone’s Android 8.1 beta now available via over-the-air update, sign up here


Last week, Essential issued a new beta update for the Essential Phone (PH-1) that allowed users to begin testing Android 8.1 on their devices. Aside from introducing new features introduced in 8.1, the update was also supposed to address odd UI behavior — otherwise known as slow-scrolling jitters — the phone had experienced since it launched.

It was also during this time Essential briefly mentioned that they’d soon allow users to opt-in to the beta via a simple over-the-air update. At that time, the only way to run beta versions of Essential’s software was to download and manually flash it yourself, something now everyone is too keen on doing.

True to Essential’s word, the process of opting in and applying the beta version of their software can now be performed over-the-air. Users will simply have to head over to the Essential’s Beta Builds page and choose between 3 different options: over-the-air, sideload, or reverting back to the stable release (for those already on the beta).

To get the Beta OTA update sent to your phone, all you’ll need to do is fill out a short form providing Essential with your name, email, and your device’s serial number. After that, sit back, kick your feet up and wait for that OTA to hit. You can get started by visiting the link below.

Essential Beta Builds

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