Feb 20th, 2018

After officially announcing last month that Android Pay would soon be rebranded as Google Pay, that rollout is now finally underway. Despite the app being the same on your phone, the Android Pay app listing in the Play Store is already showing as “Google Pay,” complete with screenshots and description. There’s no telling when the app icon will make the switch, but hopefully the transition doesn’t confuse too many folks.

Android Pay was Google’s method for handling NFC tap-to-pay payments from merchants, while Google Wallet handled P2P payments (sort of like PayPal). Google Pay aims to unify these two into a single app, making it easier to handle all your payment needs. While this means the end of Google Wallet, the app will temporarily be rebranded as “Google Pay Send,” until the transition fully completes.

While the official rollout begins today, this is only the beginning. Google says they still have plans to add new features and bring support to all Google products like Google Assistant. If all goes according to plan, you can officially drop other services and stick with Google Pay for all your transactions, whether that’s a store or person.

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