Mario Kart Tour has officially been announced for smartphones


I almost never thought I’d see this day, but it’s finally happening. Nintendo is gearing up to release their latest title for mobile devices: Mario Kart Tour. Nintendo hasn’t been too forthcoming with details, only showing off the logo and a vague release date sometime “in the fiscal year ending in March 2019.” Yeah, it’s going to be awhile but on the bright side of things, there’s now plenty of time to start saving up for the boatload of in-app purchases sure to be found in the game.

This latest development is joined by news that Nintendo is also working on a full-length feature film from the Illumination Studios, the guys that brought you Despicable Me and Minions. Again, no word on a release date, but Nintendo is making a comeback in a very big way. I, personally, couldn’t be more excited.

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