JDI creates transparent fingerprint sensors that wont get in the way of the display


Chamfered edges are so 2015. Right now the current trend in mobile design are phones with displays that have painfully small bezels. Sparked by early leaks of the iPhone X, manufacturers the world over are doing anything they can to eliminate the bezel on their flagship devices, even at the cost of front facing fingerprint sensors.

On Android devices this isn’t so much of a big of a deal, as rear facing sensors are pretty commonplace. Without getting into the debate of front vs rear fingerprint sensors (I still believe front is best) we’re starting to see new options for manufacturers who want the best of both worlds: bezel-less displays and a front facing fingerprint sensors.

JDI has come up with an interesting solution. They’ve built a transparent fingerprint sensor based on their Pixel Eyes capacitive touch technology. This is built into the the glass substrate of the LCD panel, where the fingerprint sensor rests on top. Since it’s transparent, there’s nothing getting in the way of the display and the sensor is accurate enough to detect the ridges of your prints.

This is in contrast to the Synaptics fingerprint sensor that we saw in the Vivo X20 which is built underneath the display. JDI’s sensor is set to being shipping next March with plans to also introduce flexible sensors. Whether we see these eventually make their way into devices we’ll be using here in the states remains to be seen.

Japan Display Inc. | via GSMArena

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