Android Messages gets Smart Reply feature but only if you’re on Project Fi


Android Messages is receiving a handy new feature you’ve probably seen in a few other Google services. It’s called Smart Reply you’re probably familiar with it because of apps like Gmail, Inbox or even Allo. Smart Reply gives users the ability to choose contextually aware responses with a single tap. No more drafting up your own canned responses in anticipation of messages you may receive — Google does it for you and they do it better.

For instance, if you receive a message like “Is that okay?” Google will provide you with a few responses like “Sounds good” or “That’s fine.” Because there are usually a few different options, you don’t have to worry about sounding like a robot (even if one is actually the one coming up with the responses).

Smart Reply is now making its way to Android Messages — Google’s stock SMS app for Android devices — but there’s a catch. It’s not exclusive to a specific device, Android version, or app version — it’s only available for Project Fi customers. Why? Well, your guess is as good as ours. Google did say “starting today on Project Fir, so it’s possible they’re just testing it out before a wider rollout. Sit tight.

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