These new Instagram features are going to ruin someone’s life


Instagram is always experimenting with fun new features, ever improving the social network in hopes of driving that final nail into Snapchat’s coffin. While the intentions are mostly good, sometimes they’re not always in the best interest of the end user.

A new feature hitting devices today is one that allows your friends and people you’ve messaged to see when you were last using the app. Instagram hasn’t really made the new feature public and is silently rolling it out without most people even knowing it exists. If this sounds like somewhat of a privacy concern, that’s because it is.

The Show Activity Status “feature” is enabled by default and while you could turn this off in the settings, you will no longer be able to see when your friends were last online, leaving everyone in the dark. It’s probably for the best, however. I don’t see how this could do anything but spark bad blood between friends and acquaintances.

If you’re on Android and would like to turn this feature off, here’s how:

  1. Open the Instagram app
  2. Tap on your profile tab
  3. Tap the 3-dot menu button to get into “Options”
  4. Tap Show Activity Status to switch to the off position

Another feature Instagram is reportedly testing is notifying a user when you take a screenshot of their story. You don’t have to stress out about it now, it seems Instagram will first give you a warning but the next time you do it, the person’s story you’ve screenshotted will be notified. It’s sort of a nicer, diplomatic approach to things, rather than ruining your life right off the bat.

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