YouTube is making it harder for partners to earn money


2017 was not a good year for YouTube and 2018 hasn’t started out much better. Popular creators keep getting in trouble and widespread issues like questionable children’s content is a big problem. Google is introducing stricter requirements for YouTube Partners and Preferred programs to hopefully take care of some of these issues.

The first thing they’re doing is adding a little human touch to the process. Google will manually vet videos before adding them to the Preferred platform. This is the program that Logan Paul was recently removed from. Creators get much more money per click in the Preferred program. Manually approving these videos is a good idea.

YouTube has also changed the requirements a channel must meet in order to earn money. Starting right now, a channel must have 4,000 hours of watch time within the past 12 months and at least 1,000 subscribers. These changes won’t fix everything. A lot of bad channels will more than meet those requirements. But it’s a good start to deter any new channels from getting in trouble.

[via YouTube]

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