TAG Heuer made a smaller version of the Connected Modular watch


One of the big problems with smartwatches is the size. For a lot of people, most smartwatches are simply too big and bulky. That was certainly the case for the Tag Heuer Connected Modular 45. As the name implies, it features a 45mm case diameter. That’s on the larger end of the smartwatch spectrum. The good news is Tag Heuer just announced a smaller version.

The aptly named Connected Modular 41 has a slightly smaller 41mm case diameter. Tag Heuer also made a few improvements across the board. The display is brighter with a 390×390 resolution, it has 8GB of storage, 1Gb of RAM, water resistance to 50 meters, NFC, and GPS. Tag Heuer has nine different straps to choose from for the 41mm model.

The size is smaller but the price tag is still big. The 41mm model wills set you back $1,200, which is $400 less than the full-size model.

[via engadget]

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