Samsung is shutting down Game Recorder+ app next month, backup your videos or lose them forever


Samsung smartphones are packed to the brim with software features. While many of them are baked right into the OS — Samsung’s “special” version of Android — others are apps you can download from the Play Store in hopes that someone, somewhere might want to use them (even if the majority of people don’t).

Because mobile gaming sounded like it could be the next big thing, Samsung added a handy app called Game Recorder+ back when the Galaxy S6 launched. At any point you could summon this feature to quickly record gameplay and record audio from the gameplay or your phone’s microphone. Neat for those that wanted to game and record on the go, but seeing as how Game Tools — a feature found in most newer Galaxy flagships — also includes this functionality, the app was pretty much made obsolete.

As part of a little spring cleaning, Samsung has finally updated the app. Not with new features or bug fixes, but only a simple notice to users: they’re shutting it down.

Hello, this is the Game Recorder+ service team.

Game Recorder+ will be closed on 02/28/2018.

Users who already have Game Recorder+ installed on their phones will not be able to record games from 02/28. Please use another screen recording app.

So there you have it. If you’ve ever saved any video clips using the app, it’s important to back them up as they’ll be deleted once the app is removed. You can find them in the Game Recorder+ folder inside your phone’s storage, so either move them to a new folder, or back them up to some sort of cloud storage.

via SamMobile

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