The LG ThinQ WK9 is another smart display with Google Assistant


One of the most exciting things to come out of CES so far is Google Assistant “smart displays.” Lenovo was the first to have an actual device to show off, but Google said more companies would be joining them. LG is one of those companies and they’re finally showing off their device, the ThinQ WK9.

LG doesn’t have the physical device at CES, but we have some press photos of what it will look like. The design is not as inspired as the Lenovo Smart Display. It looks like a generic Bluetooth speaker with a display. The 8-inch touchscreen is flanked by speakers on both sides. The details are very sparse, but we can see a couple of buttons and switches on the top.

LG did not share pricing or release date for the ThinQ WK9. The other smart displays will be launching in the Summer, so we would expect to see the ThinQ around the same time. Are you interested in these Google Assistant smart display devices?

Joe Fedewa
Ever since I flipped open my first phone I've been obsessed with the devices. I've dabbled in other platforms, but Android is where I feel most at home.

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