Jan 9th, 2018

Nearly a year ago, Nextbit was acquired by Razer. At first, support was steady for the Nextbit Robin, but as time went on it became clear the device would be shelved soon. Back in August, customer support for the Robin was shut down. Now, Smart Storage, a key feature of the Robin, is getting shut down.

The Robin was touted as a smartphone that would never run out of space. This was accomplished with Nextbit’s clever cloud storage service. The OS could seamlessly expand local storage to the cloud for things like apps, photos, and other content. The user wouldn’t have to even think about it. The phone will still work without Smart Storage, but it will be missing a major component.

Users will be signed out of Smart Storage on March 1st. They can sync their data to the phone or download it on Nextbit’s website. This feature will be available until April 1st. After that, all the data will be gone. So don’t be lazy. RIP.

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