Verizon is increasing the price of its Total Mobile Protection plan


Verizon is making some changes to how its Total Mobile Protection plan works for the New Year, one of which is, unfortunately, a monthly price increase. The new change is across the board and effective for new customers and current customers at different dates.

Starting on January 25, new customers who buy TMP will pay $13/month instead of the current price of $11. Current customers will have until March 6 for the price hike to hit them, so it’s an across the board price hike with no grandfathering for current customers.

The monthly base rate for Verizon’s insurance plan is going up, but they’ve dropped the rates for deductibles for several of their pricing tiers. Here’s a peek at how that lines up.

  • $199 deductible drops to $149
  • $149 deductible drops to $89
  • $99 deductible drops to $89

The Total Mobile Protection Plan launched back in October in 152 cities across the US, but Verizon says it’s now available in 170 cities across the US and more than 300 locations.
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