BlackBerry is aiming to release at least two new smartphones in 2018


Ever since BlackBerry made its resurgence back into the Android market, the company has dealt with mixed reactions. While the BlackBerry Priv was touted as the return of the brand, the device itself was not all that impressive.

Then, the company released the BlackBerry KeyOne and that has been seemingly pretty popular despite its higher price tag for a mid-range device. BlackBerry’s other offerings have not fared as well, and that may be due to the lack of a keyboard, making these devices not as “special” as the KeyOne.

BlackBerry and TCL have recognized this new trend and have stated plans to release at least two new smartphones in 2018. The best part is the fact that both of these devices will include hardware keyboards, as the company is “confident” that it can “grow the keyboard market”.

It’s unknown whether BlackBerry will release a true flagship device, but did tell Engadget that the company will release one device which is priced more than the other. However, the representative stopped short of sharing information regarding the price gap and if the higher-priced device would be a flagship.

2018 is going to definitely be an interesting year, but the old BlackBerry fan in me is hoping to see big things from the company this year. Let us know whether you would like to see a device with flagship-level specs and a hardware keyboard. Or if you think BlackBerry should move its focus elsewhere.


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