Jan 8th, 2018

PC gaming is huge right now, but for a lot of people, that means playing games on displays that are smaller than the living room TV. NVIDIA is partnering with PC brands to bring big-screen gaming to the PC with 65-inch displays that have all the high-end specs a PC gamer would need. On top of that, these displays run Android TV as well.

What makes these displays perfect for gaming is the display tech. The 65-inch display has 4K resolution, HDR, 1ms latency, and 120Hz refresh rate. Since the displays also have Android TV built-in, the idea is you can use these displays as more than a PC. You can play your PC games on an excellent display and also use it as a media center.

NVIDIA is just one part of this puzzle. We’ll have to wait for announcements from partners like Acer, Asus, and HP before we know pricing and availability. The specs are very high-end, so we would expect the display to be pretty pricey. Are you interested in something like this?

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