Android Distribution update sees very minimal growth for Oreo


It’s that time again. Another month is in the books, which means Google has released the Android distribution numbers. Once again, the numbers don’t look good for Oreo. Last month, Oreo was at 0.5%. This month it’s at a whopping 0.7%. The Pixel 2 devices haven’t moved the needle very much in the grand scheme of Android.

Oreo is basically on the same amount of devices as Ice Cream Sandwich right now. That’s not good. Nougat continues to grow, now up 3% from last month. Marshmallow is starting to drop more, but still only a 1% change. Oreo will get a big boost when the Samsung Galaxy S9 and other 2018 flagships launch, but the numbers right now show how small of an impact the Pixel phones have.

Version Codename API Distribution
2.3.3 –
Gingerbread 10 0.4%
4.0.3 –
Ice Cream Sandwich 15 0.5%
4.1.x Jelly Bean 16 1.9%
4.2.x 17 2.9%
4.3 18 0.8%
4.4 KitKat 19 12.8%
5.0 Lollipop 21 5.7%
5.1 22 19.4%
6.0 Marshmallow 23 28.6%
7.0 Nougat 24 21.1%
7.1 25 5.2%
8.0 Oreo 26 0.5%
8.1 27 0.2%
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