Garmin announces a dash cam with Amazon Alexa built in


A dash cam is a very handy tool in countries where insurance fraud is common. Here in the US, dash cams are catching on as a way to prove innocence in an accident. Dash cams have also caught some amazing things on camera. Whatever the reason may be, a dash cam can be an incredibly handy thing to have.

Garmin is taking the dash cam to the next level with some smart integrations. The Garmin Speak Plus is a dash cam that includes Amazon Alexa. You can ask Alexa for directions, music, and some other hands-free stuff. The device can also warn you when you’re too close to a car or drifting out of your lane. Of course, it can also record accidents.

The device connects to your phone for the internet connection and can play audio through an aux cable or Bluetooth. The Speak Plus will be available at the end of January for $230 (or $200 if your pre-order). You can also get the regular Garmin Speak, which doesn’t have the camera, for $150.

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