Jan 4th, 2018

There are few things worse than receiving unwanted ads or any other types of solicitation on your Android device. When it comes to Android developers, Google has strict policies against this and recently they made changes to their Google Play Developer policies to prohibit apps from delivering ads disguised as lock screens. This was all an effort to ensure a pleasurable ad experience for all Android users.

While you’d expect to find lock screen ads on an Amazon Prime exclusive device, the last place you’d expect to see them is on a Google Pixel. But it seems Google is looking for feedback from Pixel users and oddly enough, felt like a popup ad/survey in the Settings app was the best place to do it.

A small card appeared in the bottom corner of Andrew Martonik’s Pixel 2 XL with the title “Help improve Pixel: 1 minute survey.” Once tapped, the card was expanded and the user was given a few short questions about their satisfaction of the device. But is this really the best place to do that?

We know surveys are a valuable source of feedback from manufacturers looking to gain insight about their devices, but it’s just a bit alarming when it’s in the form of a popup ad from Google. Ya dig?

via Android Central

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