Jan 4th, 2018

5G is a buzzword that you’re beginning to hear more and more about when it comes to our mobile phones. We have seen manufacturer’s release new devices with modems that are capable of handling 5G network speeds which will top out at around 1GBPS.

Today, AT&T announced that the carrier will be launching “real” 5G network capabilities in 12 different cities by the end of 2018. However, we don’t really know specifics as to which cities this will launch in, nor do we know which devices will be marketed and capable of taking advantage of these network speeds.

AT&T also confirmed that it’s “5G Evolution” network will also be coming to “hundreds” of new markets over the course of 2018. The difference between 5G and AT&T’s 5G Evolution is that the latter option also uses 4G/LTE networks to help improve stability and speed.

Nonetheless, 5G is on the way, and AT&T is looking to be the first to the market, but Verizon and T-Mobile are working hard behind the scenes to also be the first to the market. Let us know if you’re excited about this move, or if you really won’t care until everything has rolled out and is stable across all four major US carriers.

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