Amazon reportedly in talks with companies to have Alexa deliver product ads through your Echo


If you enjoy using your Amazon Alexa powered smart-speaker to make purchases, things might change in 2018. The online retailer is reportedly in talks with big companies to start selling ads through the platform.

Companies like Procter & Gamble and Clorox are reportedly already engaged in talks with Amazon but don’t freak out yet about product ads being spoken aloud to everyone in your living room. It’s more like these companies would pay for higher placement in product searches. So the next time you’re telling Alexa to order you some bleach, she might first recommend Clorox.

This could mean big bucks for Amazon as users are much more likely to order the top results in a product search. The smart speaker market is huge right now and only going to get bigger. If Amazon wants to compete with Google’s ad business, Amazon’s widely popular Echo line is the place to do it.

via CNBC

Chris Chavez
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