Dec 28th, 2017

Earlier this month we learned about LG’s plans to launch a brand of products which are being developed with Artificial Intelligence at the forefront with the LG ThinQ branding. These products include TVs, refrigerators, and other electronic devices, and today we are getting a glimpse at the first LG ThinQ product.

With all the hubbub and excitement surrounding the Amazon Echo and Google Home devices, LG has launched a new smart speaker of its own. Simply named the LG ThinQ Speaker, this device is powered by Google Assistant and can control various smart home products such as other ThinQ options.

In fact, LG partnered with Google to work on this ThinQ speaker, in an effort to ensure that users are provided with the best experience possible. On top of working with Google Assistant, LG has included its own “personalized voice-activated interface” which will work with LG’s various smart home appliances.

Pricing and availability weren’t shared, but LG did state that the ThinQ Speaker would be making an appearance at CES 2018. This is likely where we’ll learn more about the capabilities, along with how much this “premium” speaker is going to cost.

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