Dec 20th, 2017

Artifical intelligence is a trendy subject in the tech world right now. Everyone seems to want to integrate AI in their products. Google is a major player in the AI space, but Android manufacturers are still trying to do their own thing. Samsung has Bixby and now it looks like LG is planning a new AI brand.

The new brand will be called “ThinQ” (pronounced “think”) and products should start arriving in 2018. We’ll see ThinQ in TVs, refrigerators, and electronic devices. You can expect buzz words like “deep learning” to be tossed around. The goal is for these devices to have better communication between themselves and to help the users be productive.

LG already has a brand called SmartThingQ, but this new brand will feature new products. The AI tech was announced at CES this year and it should be a big focus next year as well. Who’s ready to ovens that can think for themselves?

[via LG Newsroom]

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