Zooper Widget returns after mysteriously disappearing from the Play Store


Last week, there was a surprising removal from the Play Store, and that came with the exit of the popular app, Zooper Widget. There was no mention or reason given as to why the app was removed, but it seems that something has changed as Zooper Widget is now back on the Play Store.

One of the possible reasons for the removal was due to the fact that the app has not been updated in almost 3 years. But the argument against that is the fact that there are more than plenty of apps that haven’t been updated in years but are still listed on the Play Store.

Just as mysterious as the disappearance of Zooper Widget, the app has mysteriously returned with no words from the developers. Nonetheless, you can get back on the bandwagon and create great widgets with little-to-no work on the user end.

If for whatever reason you haven’t given Zooper a shot in the past, hit the button below to give it a shot and let us know what you think.

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