Amazon buys wireless home security maker Blink


Blink started out as an affordable, dead simple, no fuss wireless security camera you could use to monitor your home. After a successful Kickstarter campaign, the company expanded their product portfolio with an updated, outdoor camera and recently opened up pre-orders for a video doorbell.

It’s clear Blink’s future was bright, so much in fact they caught the eye of Amazon who recently has been making a big push into hardware. Bink announced today on their website that they’ve officially been acquired by Amazon. Although the exact terms of the deal wasn’t mentioned, we can only imagine Amazon has plans to expand their Alexa-powered products into home security.

Blink does say that they’ll continue to operate under Amazon, so you’ll still be able to buy their branded products and receive support from them. That’s good news if you really had your heart set on that upcoming video doorbell.

via Blink

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