Could Amazon be working on an alternative to YouTube?


Amazon and Google have been at odds for quite some time, dating back to when the online retailer pulled Chromecast products from its storefront in favor of products like the Amazon Fire TV lineup. Tensions have become even more strained as of late, considering the fact that Google pulled YouTube from Amazon devices, before reversing course with a caveat – YouTube will be officially removed on January 1st.

With all of these moves, a few trademarks have been found which suggest that Amazon may be working on a competitor to YouTube. These trademark requests are called “Amazontube” and “Opentube” which could be the possible names for Amazon’s competitor.

The big hurdle for Amazon wouldn’t be the actual act of creating a competitor, but instead, there would be a mountain to climb to bring users over from YouTube. Additionally, despite all of the various issues surrounding YouTube monetization, Amazon would still have its work cut out when it comes to finding creators to bring content to its platform.

Furthermore, it seems that Amazon has been in the process of registering an array of different domains, including the following:


This entire situation is rather odd, especially when you look at the fact that Amazon just started offering Chromecast and Apple TV devices again on its storefront. Maybe this is an olive branch from Amazon, but it may be too little too late and those of us who use YouTube on our Fire devices will be the ones suffering while everything gets worked out.


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