Xiaomi brings Oreo to the Mi Mix 2 with a closed beta program


We’re finally beginning to see more and more OEM’s roll out Android Oreo to their devices, and Xiaomi is the latest to jump on the train. The company has announced a closed beta program for the Mi Mix 2 which brings Android Oreo to the device ahead of its official launch.

For those who have the Mi Mix 2, you can sign up for the beta through the MIUI Forum application, or you can head over to the MIUI Forums on your computer and apply for the beta program. Once you have been accepted, Xiaomi will be rolling out a new beta update for the Mi Mix 2 at least once a week, but the reason for the closed beta option is to help identify issues before rolling out to the masses.

Additionally, Xiaomi is really driving the point home that it wants potential users to try out and report any problems with the beta update. It seems that if you don’t really participate in this testing, then you could possibly be removed from the program, and will be left waiting with the rest of the world to get the official Android Oreo update.

If you want to throw your name in the hat and have the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2, hit the link here and follow the instructions found on the MIUI Forums. Unfortunately, there’s no mention as to when Xiaomi will begin rolling out the final version of Android, but we can expect to see it in the beginning months of 2018. Let us know if you are able to get in on the beta and how it’s running for you.

[MIUI Forums]


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