Samsung releases a special edition of the Galaxy Note 8 which is priced at almost $2000


Samsung is known for releasing special editions of its various devices, and now a new version of the Galaxy Note 8 has been released in Korea. This is the Galaxy Note 8 X 99 Avant edition, and is a partnership with 99 Avant.

What makes this so special is that 99 Avant is an artist who only provides 99 units of each edition it creates. The device itself does not come with any special designs on the casing, but a separate hand-crafted case has been included in the box.

This special edition device also features some special wallpapers based on artworks from 99 Avant, as well as specific icons that have been created for this special edition Galaxy Note 8. When it comes to the specs, it doesn’t seem that anything has been changed, except for the fact that this version comes with 256GB of storage.

The biggest kicker here, other than the fact that it’s unlikely we’ll see this version released in the US, is the price. The device is priced at 1,991,000 won, which translates to around $1,800, or around double the regular retail price of the standard Galaxy Note 8.

Nonetheless, it’s still cool to see these special edition devices released, even if the prices are so absurd that very few folks will actually purchase one. Let us know what you think about this device in the comments below.


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