Google Assistant now lets you choose preferred method of transportation for improved directions and commute times


Google Assistant is smart enough to know a lot of things about you, but it doesn’t know everything. Sometimes it needs a little help to be the best possible virtual assistant it can be. For instance when navigating, Assistant can better serve you information about your commute times but first it needs to know how you get around.

Rolling out today in a server side update is a new option inside of your preferences called “Getting around.” The setting allows you to tell Assistant your preferred method of transportation — both to work or when traveling elsewhere — so it knows exactly how to provide you with the most optimal directions. Choices include walking, public transit, biking, and driving.

The server side update seems to have hit Assistant already, so you should see the new new option. Just open up Google Assistant, tap the little drawer icon in the upper right > Settings > Preferences > Getting around. That’s all there is to it.

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