Google Allo now transcribes audio messages, new features tipped for future update


The boys at Google Allo are still putting in work and after adding moderation controls and an improved selfie cam last month, the messaging app is back with a new set of tricks.

Rolling out starting today, Allo v25 is bringing the ability to transcribe audio messages to text. You’ll have to enable it inside your chat settings and while it doesn’t work all the time, we’re sure the service will be improved as time moves on. Just being able to visually read an audio message in a quite place or when in public wins major points in our book.

As for what’s coming up next, an APK teardown showed Google continuing work on a Reply feature so people can see when you’re replying to a specific message in the chat, not just the most recent. It’s displayed much the same way as quoted retweets on Twitter and should help make group chats a little bit easier.

Google Allo’s new reply feature coming soon

Camera effects are also in the work. It’s believed that these could be soon be downloadable from the Google Play Store — just like sticker packs — allowing you to place fun and silly camera effects over your photos. Unfortunately, none of the effects were actually live, so we’ll have to wait and see if they’re any good.

Rounding out the list of features that are headed to the app is the ability to add text to your custom selfie stickers. Selfie stickers arrived in an earlier version of Allo and allow you to create a caricature of yourself simply by using your front facing camera (think Bitmoji). Giving users the ability to add text will make these a whole lot more fun and customizable.

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