Android Oreo comes to the Xiaomi Mi A1 in beta form


Earlier this month, Xiaomi announced that it was looking for beta testers for the Android Oreo update on the Xiaomi Mi A1. It seems that Xiaomi has found its beta test group, as the company has started rolling out the beta to owners of the Mi A1.

New screenshots show that the update is rolling out, and features a size of 1104MB. While the update brings Oreo to the Mi A1, it seems that there are still some other improvements as users have claimed that the fingerprint scanner is reacting faster than before.

Unfortunately, it seems that not everything is working perfectly just yet, as other owners of the Mi A1 are claiming that the dual-SIM functionality is not working properly. Obviously, this is a pain in the rear, but you have to expect there to be some bugs whenever a new beta software comes to a device.

It will be interesting to see how many versions of the beta are rolled out, as Xiaomi has already claimed that the final build of Oreo will be released to all owners of the Mi A1 by the end of 2017. Let us know if you’ve already received the update on your own Xiaomi Mi A1 and how it’s running for you.


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