Dec 12th, 2017

With more and more devices getting the “bezel-less” treatment, this is leaving some OEM’s to change the placement of the fingerprint scanners. Some, like the OnePlus 5T, see a move that makes sense, but others like that the Samsung Galaxy S8 lineup makes no sense at all.

However, for as long as we have been seeing and hearing about bezel-less displays, we have also been seeing and hearing rumors about a fingerprint scanner embedded into the display. Synaptics, one of these manufacturers, has announced a new version of its optical fingerprint sensor while also stating that we will be seeing a device including this technology at CES 2018.

There’s no mention of who the OEM is that will be showing this off, but Synaptics claims that it is a “Tier 1” OEM. If Samsung is waiting until after CES before unveiling the Galaxy S9, that doesn’t leave us with too many options. We could see something from the likes of Xiaomi or LG, or maybe even HTC.

We’re going to keep guessing until there is some type of announcement, but let us know which OEM you think will be showcasing this new technology at CES 2018.

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