Job listing tips off future Google Home product with a touch screen


A Google job listing may have tipped off the company’s plans to release a newer, higher-end version of Google Home to better compete with Amazon Alexa products like the touch-screen equipped Echo Show.

The job listing, posted on LinkedIn, specifically calls for a “Touch Sensor Hardware Engineer” in regard to Google Home. A qualified applicant will be expected to lead “touch hardware development and integration” on “the next generation of Google Hardware to enable the best multi-touch user experience.” While devices like the Google Home Mini do operate by touch, it’s hardly anything that would warrant multi-touch, something typically required to operate a touch screen user interface like a smartphone or tablet.

Exactly how this product would operate, what the user interface would look like, or even if it would run Android is all up in the air at this point. Google is investing a lot into smart speakers like the Google Home and Google Home Mini, so it only makes sense they’d have plans to expand further into a Home product with a full fledged touch screen like the Amazon Echo Show and/or Echo Spot.

What say ye? Would you consider buying a Google Home with a touch screen?

via LinkedIn

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