OnePlus 5T now receiving OxygenOS 4.7.4, here’s what’s new


Just because major firmware updates don’t happen quite as quickly as they do on Google’s own Pixel devices, doesn’t mean OnePlus sleeps on their devices when it comes to software support. The OnePlus 5T is receiving yet another software update — arriving as OxygenOS 4.7.4 — and it looks to improve the already great device in a number of ways. Here’s the quick release notes:

OxygenOS 4.74 (285MB)


  • Optimized UI of Camera
  • Improvements for photo quality


  • Optimizations for audio from speaker and earphones
  • Optimizations for face unlock
  • Optimizations for vibration
  • Wi-Fi battery usage optimization
  • Improved stability of fingerprint and GPS
  • General bug fixes and system stability improvements

You may remember OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei announcing just before the big Thanksgiving weekend that they were already working on an update to improve the 5T’s camera performance. The update — which was being tested privately with a small group of users — mostly had to do with the phone’s ability to shoot low light photos, exposure when taking selfies, and turning off the camera’s Beautification mode by default in some areas.

Now it’s not entirely clear from the changelog provided but it’s possible we could be seeing these camera improvements in 4.7.4, but we may want to wait to hear an official word from OnePlus. In the meantime, you can start checking for the update right now by going into your phone’s Settings > System Update. Don’t worry if you don’t see it yet. The over-the-air update will only hit a small percentage of users starting today, with a more broader rollout coming over the next few days.

If you’d like to leave feedback or other concerns, you can do by replying to the thread in the forum linked below.

via OnePlus Forums

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