Vine is making a comeback, founder teases ‘V2’ on Twitter


2017 is pretty much in the crapper but this latest news just might save it. Remember Vine? That short-lived social network that revolved around looping 7-second videos? Yeah, well it might be making a comeback in some form or another. Vine founder Dom Hofmann strongly teased a followup with a image you see above.

Other than the font and background color, how do we know this is a followup to Vine? Well, he already said as much in an earlier tweet where he explains that it’s more of a side project of his that he’ll be funding entirely by himself.  Vine has built up a sort of cult following since going belly up earlier this year. It certainly struck a chord with young people (with their naturally shorter attention spans) and if you take a look online, “Vine compilation” videos are some of the most viewed on YouTube.

It’s clear there could be at least some kind of demand, but we’ll have to wait and see if the new platform simply mimics or seeks to improve the formula at all.

Chris Chavez
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