The Snapdragon 845 is 30% more efficient than the 835


Qualcomm announced the Snapdragon 845 at an event yesterday, but today they are shedding some more light on the processor. The chip features a massive redesign of the CPU and GPU. The result is 30% faster graphics performance and up to 30% more power-efficient than the Snapdragon 835.

Ready for some hardcore specs? The redesigned CPU is the Kyro 385. Each core has it’s own private L2 cache and a shared LC cache. The high-power cores are where you’ll see the 30% greater performance, while the low-power cores have 15% improvement. The larger cores can be clocked to 2.8GHz, while the smaller ones can do 1.8GHz.

Another benefit of the new chip is the ability to capture 4K 60FPS video in HDR. This will be a first on a smartphone. Long story short, the 845 is going to be an awesome processor. We can’t wait to see it in devices next year.

[via Qualcomm]

Joe Fedewa
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